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About Us

About Us

Where Hearts Unite and Dreams Flourish!

Welcome to a realm of unity and aspirations, where the rich tapestry of the Valmiki Nayaka community comes to life. At Dhakshana Bharath, we are more than just a matrimony platform; we are architects of change, catalysts for growth, and champions of togetherness.

We are Maharishi Valmiki Author of Ramayana Descendant community is called as Valmiki, Valmikulu, Bedaru, Nayakaru, Vedan, Valmiki Nayaka, Valmiki Naidu, Boya  Valmiki, is referred to as the Spenser of India.

Through our nurturing embrace, education, and employment find new avenues, empowering individuals to carve their destinies. Dhakshana Bharath is a beacon of hope, a haven where love blossoms and dreams find wings. Join us in shaping a vibrant tomorrow, where every heart finds its rhythm and every aspiration reaches for the sky. Together, we rise, thrive, and celebrate the essence of Dhakshana Bharath Valmiki Nayakas.

Our commitment goes beyond the search for life partners. We weave dreams into reality, nurturing community bonds through dedicated initiatives. With a profound focus on community development, we stand as pillars of social welfare, ensuring brighter tomorrows for every Valmiki Nayaka member.

In South India mainly in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu identified by varies names and Govt. considered status as Tribes and Backward class community.

Valmiki Community Descendant of Kannappa Nayanar or Beda Kannappa one of the Sixty three Saivite Saints.

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