Reg. No 119/98

Dhakshana Bharath Valmiki Nayaks

Find Your Perfect Match at Dhakshana Bharath

At Dhakshana Bharath, love knows no bounds. Find your perfect life partner amidst a diverse community of like-minded individuals using our user-friendly platform.

About Us

Where Hearts Unite and Dreams Flourish!

Welcome to a realm of unity and aspirations, where the rich tapestry of the Valmiki Nayaka community comes to life. At Dhakshana Bharath, we are more than just a matrimony platform; we are architects of change, catalysts for growth, and champions of togetherness.

Our commitment goes beyond the search for life partners. We weave dreams into reality, nurturing community bonds through dedicated initiatives. With a profound focus on community development, we stand as pillars of social welfare, ensuring brighter tomorrows for every Valmiki Nayaka member.


Building Communities, Creating Futures

Join us in making a positive impact, building stronger communities, and transforming lives. Together, let’s realise dreams!

Community Development

We empower Valmiki Nayakas with cultural preservation, progress, and solidarity for a brighter future.


Discover your life partner amidst a harmonious Valmiki Nayaka community, forging lifelong connections.

Social Welfare

Elevating lives through healthcare, housing, and financial support, fostering well-being within our community.

Education & Employment.

Unlock opportunities, from scholarships to vocational guidance, ensuring success for Valmiki Nayaka individuals.


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